Family Learning Programs

Opportunities for families to experience the wonders of our preschool environment. Each class creates an intimate community for children and parents to explore our curriculum, make friends, and develop an early love of school. Participate with your child in one of our 6-sessions.

Preschool Together:

A parent & child introduction to preschool essentials

Parents and children are introduced to the structure of our preschool day with opportunities to engage in a variety of components that make up our daily schedules at Smart Vision School. Class begins with a warm individual welcome and open play, followed by circle time, which signals the “start of the day”. Our daily learning activity is an opportunity to see our curriculum in action. Parent and child will work together to create an artifact that will celebrate the effort and accomplishment of each individual. Again we will gather as a group for story time. Language and listening skills will strengthen as a love of literature is indulged. Snack is offered at the end of class to reflect on our time together.

Boogie Beats:

Smart Vision believes that music is a language understood and spoken by people of all ages! We are partnering with UpBeat Music & Arts to offer Boogie Beats, a 45-minute music class. This class will take place at our branches and will be led by one of UpBeat’s fantastic instructors.

UpBeat Music and Arts is led by musician and philanthropist Scott Barbeau. He founded the non-profit, located in Mumbai's Marinedrive Neighborhood,in 2013 to help youth reach their fullest potential through music and art, helping to build better people and communities.