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Smart Vision International Kindergarten is a child-centered school that builds curiosity and an excitment towards learnings. Our early childhood curriculum places an emphasis on all aspects of a child’s growth and development. Because children possess a natural curiosity of the world around them and are continually seeking out new information, we believe that children experience the joy of discovery and learning for themselves through play and thoughtful teacher guidance.

Created through the incorporation of NAEYC Learning Standards, Early Learning Standards for Development, and the valued knowledge of Smart Vision staff, our curriculum serves as a guide for the creativity of our teachers which is vitally important for better understanding and implementing our programmes for early childhood education. Curriculum objectives are periodically revised utilizing current research in the fields of child development and early childhood education. Our curriculum is excellence plus. We have developed a thought-out plan to nurture and develop all areas of the child: congnitive, physical, social, and emotional which is vitally important to children's future developmental pattern.

It’s All About Our School

We help to foster curiosity and confidence within the child as they explore the world around them. Each day is enriched with hands-on, discovery-based experiences. Interwoven into their play are opportunities to experience new social and emotional situations, as well as develop language skills, physical milestones and new concepts.

It’s All About Our Kids

We offer a child centric and warm environment where we use play to encourage their natural curiosity and stimulate learning through their natural development. Our mission is to encourage the process of self-actualization right from the beginning. Every child has inborn curiosity we encourge it and provide the best possible environment to cherish this inherent curiosity.

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Designed to support individuality and independence, our preschool curriculum sets the stage for a love of learning.

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At The Smart Vision International Kindergarten we believe our task is to develop the children within our care with love, security and the opportunity to grow”

Jyoti Palkar

More than 17 Years Working For Children's Education and their Scholastic Enhancement

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